mandag, februar 26, 2007

Snow in the south

It was pretty crazy many places in Norway last week - and plenty of car accidents.

I have promised for some time to put some pictures out from this winter.

What would be better than publish some pictures from the south of Norway which had a little extreme weather lately. At least compared to what they are used to.


Superman Returns (Movie)

Let’s take the best things first: Since Gene Hackman is not here the choice of Kevin Spacey is perfect. Louis Lane is good looking as she should be.

And there it stops. The movie never manages to build any tension. The story just slides through without letting us feel any attachment to the people.

And we just wonder, why they bothered with another Superman movie. The worst fact about this is that the original story is not bad – it is just generally done well.

Please don’t make me see it again.

Haven (Movie)

Haven was released directly on DVD – it never got to the cinema – at least here. So in fact I almost missed the fact that this movie was even released.

This troubles me as it is a very nicely done movie. Maybe it’s the fact that it doses not follow any normal movie genere – but just builds up tension through strong acting and story. Even if some of the sceneries could be seen as cheap – it is very thoroughly done.

The camera is sometimes trying to be beefed up and different. Most of the times it works well – but sometimes it is just plain irritating.

For the most of it is a sad movie, a bit funny at times and ends up with us being emotionally touched in several ways.

120 Days (concert)

After YoYoYo Acapulco we had 120 days putting on a show.

I am happy for that as it was quite a good show. Good music – good stage show. And it rocked hard.

I don’t really have much to say about it than that, except I dont really think Bingo'n is the wrong place for these kind of concerts!

YoYoYo Acapulco (Concert)

I have been trying for some time to see this band – As it concists of some friends of mine. It is always with a bit of worry (again this worries ;;;;;===DDDD) that I went to it though as you always want your friends to do good – but you fear they won’t.

These guys rock! Hence - nothing to worry about!

It is probably one of the most interesting indie band in Norway right now, and even if we might not have many indie bands. They really deliver some bad ass music and fill a gap of fresh noise.

And of course, finally a band I can play Air Ukulele with and be cool at the same time.

…. Not to mention the soap bubbles….

Morten Abel (Concert)

Morten Abel (concert)One of my biggest concerns here was the fact that Mortens solo albums are quite over produced. While this is normal in these days and sounds fabulous on the radio – you never know what it will be like live.

It was my first Morten Abel concert, but why did I worry? Morten Abel has a long carrier from the live stage and he has all that hard down experience to turn all his best songs into totally fresh and new live experiences.

Its almost like all songs are new – yet all the old magic applies. With his “I’ll come back and love you forever!” – he gives fresh hope to all the audience.

There was of course a fat guy and a thin guy that had a fight several places around the concert hall.

The Lady Vanishing (movie)

This really old classic from Hitchock is not one of the thriller movies but more of a romantic comedy with a mystery twist. What is so enjoyable with this movie is the intricate attention to details in every scene.

The way the story constantly drives you further. I was also thinking quite a parallel with the movie “FlightPlan” as well. They did make good movies before as well and this is a good proof of that. Something to enjoy on a Sunday morning

…eh well late morning.

tirsdag, februar 06, 2007

Lady in the Water (film)

This is another of those movies where people say: "If you take it as an fairy tale then it is ok" which is another way to say: "I was really disappointed" What I am really wondering about is whether this is a good fairy tale or if its just the directors eminent skills that saves this muck up of a movie. It is hard to say as one has to think a bit like a kid to know if the story works.

The movie has some of the same well placed elements that you will find again in The Village, Sings, unbreakable and 6th Sense. This will of course make you feel a bit thrilled and excited at moments. But does the story hang together? Is there really anything to be thrilled about?

I am not really sure. This bothers me a bit. Because I do not feel that Lady in the water really tells us anything more than that our lives purpose can be something else than we think it is right now? Or am I missing something?

I guess I will have to watch it once more together with some kids sometime to get some answers....

then again, maybe not.

In the works

While sipping on a cup of hot chocolate I am wondering if this will be any good. I am of course (??) working on the video from Me and Jan's 30-years celebration. The raw video footage from this event was more than disappointing - even with 2 separate movie teams all we have is barley a few minutes of usable footage.

In addition to that we have the photographs taken by Marcus. All in all it is enough stuff to make my hair raise and my hearth pounding and my brain cells scream: "How in earth shall we manage to get this any good?"

Old and new arts and tricks are drawn from my sleeve. And suddenly (??) we have a pre-release out. 4 minutes and 12 seconds of party fun. Just get Jan’s opinion and do some polish and it is good to go Gold.

(I doubt there will ever be an extended version of this one...)

Oh well. Had an easy weekend - tried out the Norwegian and found out how easy it is to get hooked. Better be hooked in playing Never Winter Nights 2 - it's cheaper in the long run.

Twin Peaks Season 2 part 1 is out so there is another excuse to throw away some time and wait until the last part is out (and as we all remember the last episode rocks!)

Well back to the video editor.