fredag, juni 22, 2007

Spain 2007 (Vacation)

Ahh. Everybody has told me for such a long time: Barcelona is a really good place to go. And it is right so. Everybody is happy, everybody is beautiful. The night life is excellent! The Catalonian cousine is crazy - they seem to mix all kinds of stuff and sometimes they really succeed. Tapas and paellas are great to get the day going, and when you are tired there is the siesta for you.

I finally got the chance to see the Gaudi houses. It was much better than I initially thought. This is great architecture. I wonder why there is not more people that has adapted the Gaudi style as I really would like to live in a house that is like a fairy tale.

And of course they had the Kinder Surpresa Grande!! Good stuff!

Later I took the train over to Madrid and spent some quality time over there. Visited an old friend of mine and relaxed in his swimming pool.

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