lørdag, februar 11, 2006

Salt og Pepper (Restaurant)

In Lillehammer Hotel lies a good secret. In fact the best Restaurant I have visited in Norway. This is also of course because it is a little expensive and I do not often visit expensive restaurants in Norway. And visiting this one was not fully intended either.

When I was in Spain last year for exercise Allied Action 2005 we found a special good steak house. In fact I had my “farewell to Nato” party at this place and I still sometimes dream about the steaks from this place.

The steaks at Salt og Pepper is almost the same! It goes into your mouth and fills you with immediate pleasure all over. And keeps you feeling good for hours to come.

It’s a smile on your face.

The other dishes they have as well as starters follows the same line. And it is definitely a restaurant worth a visit if you can save up the cash to spend on it.

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