lørdag, februar 11, 2006

Seigmen (concert)

In many years of silence I feared that I would never be able to see Seigmen live. But as we know – everything comes to the ones who waits.

And when the wait is over we do get it all. Seigmen’s reunion for this special tour. Opened up with 3 days of concert in Seigmen’s favorite live place Hulen, Bergen. The reason is Hulen is a small student place that has a special atmosphere that enhances the Seigmen Experience. The dark, claustrophobic, urban metropolian feeling that rises even 30 seconds before Seigmen enters the stage. And keeps us in a different place – a different world. Alas for as long as it last. ”Someone deserves a good death”

Seigmen being one of the really god Norwegian bands did try to enter the international stage and even translated the songs to English. For some strange reasons Seigmen only sounds good when they play Norwegian.

And of course it would not have been a good concert without the dark cover of DeLillos little “Hjernen er alene” = “The brain is alone” as an extra number.

I am happy I had to wait so many years to see this. And I just hope I will be able to once again in life to re-live the Seigmen Experience. “We are slaves of the Sun”.

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