tirsdag, februar 06, 2007

Lady in the Water (film)

This is another of those movies where people say: "If you take it as an fairy tale then it is ok" which is another way to say: "I was really disappointed" What I am really wondering about is whether this is a good fairy tale or if its just the directors eminent skills that saves this muck up of a movie. It is hard to say as one has to think a bit like a kid to know if the story works.

The movie has some of the same well placed elements that you will find again in The Village, Sings, unbreakable and 6th Sense. This will of course make you feel a bit thrilled and excited at moments. But does the story hang together? Is there really anything to be thrilled about?

I am not really sure. This bothers me a bit. Because I do not feel that Lady in the water really tells us anything more than that our lives purpose can be something else than we think it is right now? Or am I missing something?

I guess I will have to watch it once more together with some kids sometime to get some answers....

then again, maybe not.

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