tirsdag, februar 06, 2007

In the works

While sipping on a cup of hot chocolate I am wondering if this will be any good. I am of course (??) working on the video from Me and Jan's 30-years celebration. The raw video footage from this event was more than disappointing - even with 2 separate movie teams all we have is barley a few minutes of usable footage.

In addition to that we have the photographs taken by Marcus. All in all it is enough stuff to make my hair raise and my hearth pounding and my brain cells scream: "How in earth shall we manage to get this any good?"

Old and new arts and tricks are drawn from my sleeve. And suddenly (??) we have a pre-release out. 4 minutes and 12 seconds of party fun. Just get Jan’s opinion and do some polish and it is good to go Gold.

(I doubt there will ever be an extended version of this one...)

Oh well. Had an easy weekend - tried out the Norwegian Netthandelen.no and found out how easy it is to get hooked. Better be hooked in playing Never Winter Nights 2 - it's cheaper in the long run.

Twin Peaks Season 2 part 1 is out so there is another excuse to throw away some time and wait until the last part is out (and as we all remember the last episode rocks!)

Well back to the video editor.

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