tirsdag, mars 13, 2007

Audi Alpine World Cup 2007 - Kvitfjell

I can’t believe that it has already been 10 years since I was here last time. Last time I was in charge of the official video. And before that I was a timekeeper in the slope. The highlight was of course The Olympics in 1994. But also afterwards it was one of the highlight of the year to work in the World Cup. Reason is of course it is a great sport. Kvitfjell is a great arena. And it is just so much fun and party.

This time my friend Almir asked me to join together with Fjerdrum School from Gausdal. I agreed of course and there we were with fog all around us and no Norwegian medals.
Still I was among winners as Fjerdrum School went away with the 3000 kroners price for the best banner.

You can see the pictures at

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aksel - world champion!!