torsdag, mars 15, 2007

Office 2007 (software)

Earlier I wrote a little about the beta 2 of office 2007. Sadly things are not as bright anymore. Do not get me wrong here. Office 2007 is of course still the best on the hill and there is still a huge cleavage to the next contenders...

What I am all about is since I have been using Office 2007 since the beta 2 stage, and while the new interface was a big welcome and refreshment for most of us.

Problem it looks good, but many tasks have become harder. Instead of creating productivity sometimes it has me gaping for air in despair over how to do something, and sometimes I can't even figure out how to do even simple tasks that has been more or less standard since Word 2.0.

Please Microsoft. I do like new and refreshed GUI, but I would like, I need the possibility to customize it the way I want it myself. Customization is King!

The save as PDF is not delivered as standard (by pressure from Adobe, they still want us to by Acrobat Pro) but can be downloaded for free as an add-on from Ms. What is the purpose for that really? MS have of course made they’re own subset of PDF, as they always have a problem to keep down to standards. They have also made their own format XPS as a competition to PDF.

I never really liked PDF myself, but accept it as a industrial standard brought on though on us by Adobe. In the Future however we might see changes to this, but will it be changes that are better for the consumers? I doubt it.. Hopefully I am wrong.

There are more things to Office 2007 as well. More that I don't like with it. In fact I think I am giving the vote to keep office 2003 a little longer.

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