tirsdag, november 13, 2007

Death Proof (movie)

Quentin is behind some real classic movies, Resevoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, and he is also behind the story of the excellent True Romance. Beside of these movies his movies is of various character. From Dusk till dawn is pretty good at times and the Kill Bill movies goes further (maybe too far) in Quentins movie register.

Death Proof tries not to take itself to serious and while it is a remake it is also a product of what Quentin always have tried to reach; Pure entertainment, his way.

Bad language, pretty girls, gore and semi intelligent language. For me this movie smells like, he finally got it right, but however it is never deep, and therefore will not reach the heights as his earlier classics, but if you can dig it being a bit shallow, you'll enjoy it all the way.

The movie is also somewhat some kind of girl-power movie. And it reminds me of the movie I made with the film school earlier, although nothing in Quentin's league, it has the girl power as the main theme.

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