tirsdag, november 13, 2007

Shooter (movie)

Shooter is a movie that delivers exactly what it promises to deliver, which fits me perfect. The screenplay and the action gives us nothing we have not seen before, but why bother. Its all done very well, the acting, the action - the whole package.

But it will never be a classic because of 2 things, one its not made in the seventies and to it does not go far enough in the cool factor. The hardest line in the movie is: “You don't understand, he killed my dog,” - for this movie to get up in the A heaven it would need to take this further something like Clintie does with the mule in the first of his classic spaghetti westerns.

I was thinking of this movie compared to Bourne Trilogy's 3rd movie, and while Bourne is outter crap this is the one to watch.

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