tirsdag, mai 13, 2008

No Country for old men (half a second view)

My brother was watching this one day, as I had seen it before I only watched it it one eye or something. However I noticed something peculiar, something that is worth mentioning and that changes my view on the movie totally.

Previously I have been assuming that the theme of this movie is about “No country for old men” but seeing it again and discussing what I saw with my brother I think the main theme of this movie is “Greed”.

The second last scene is similar to another scene with the “Hero” in it when he crosses the border. And these two scenes are playing with each other. And from there on you can put “Greed” as the driving factor to a lot of what happens in the movie and it gives more sense.

I still think a little cutting would have done the juice but at least I will have to go back on the word of thinking it’s a failure of concept ;)

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