tirsdag, april 18, 2006

Kaiser Chiefs (concert)

Oh well. Supposed to be the best live band in Britain. I don’t understand why. Must have been a mediocre night.

My sister. Up to date as she might be – invited us over for this concert.

The light show was extremely effective, but when you use it constantly it becomes a bore. Flashing lights that hurts you eye and you cant see what happens on stage. And for all epileptic people this must be the place to be.. Ha ha

Some good songs, but the performances were again as I said before – mediocre and uninspired and reminded me a bit of the Dinosaur JR concert I was at in Stockholm.

Maybe not the worst actually was that it lasted only for an hour. No in many ways that was a relief but still. I feel for the price of a ticket a band should play about 2 hours. (Yes Raga Rockers is excused here )

As you see it was a bummer….

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