tirsdag, april 25, 2006

V for Vendetta (Film)

Of course I thought this would be a magnificent masterpiece of an actionflick.

But it turns out this is not an actionmovie at all. In fact it’s a theatrical drama to the extreme. V’s mask just puts it all in place.

Now I think I have said something about theatrical dramas – that I don’t really like it.

This does not apply for V for Vendetta. In fact its one of the best (and also important) movies I have seen for a long time.

Every scene is extremely well crafted. Even if V is wearing a mask the light, sound and speech is always full of feeling so we always know what emotions are displayed. It’s almost like the mask is changing faces as well – if this is the case or just imagination I don’t know – that’s something to look for at second view.

The dialogue is of course 100% theatrical as well and indeed a bit hard to follow at times.

The acting is again extremely well and that’s what to expect from a galactic princess (Natalie Portman) – huh huh. And the story is inspired of 1984ish tales – a totalitarian country where things have gone all wrong and everything is controlled and suppressed. And the revolution – the fight against it.

And so it turns out that this is a magnificent masterpiece!

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