mandag, april 17, 2006

The Perfect Day (film)

Oh no, this is not another movie review. In fact this is the movie our film group made as a “exam” of Oslo Film School.

Against recommendations we opted for non specialized areas of responsibilities. Yes, we did choose Pernille as the Team Leader, as without one point of responsibility and co-ordination things would be pretty much chaos. For the rest the 5 of us swapped roles and participated as manus writers, directors, actors, camera, light, location, makeup, clothing etc.

But hey, there is more. We also defied recommended script length and number of locations… and so on and so on…

We “hired” two external actors for the price of…. Zero. As well as involved a few other people here and there.

This was the perfect cocktail for a perfect mess for the perfect day.

And so we all got to learn loads about directing, editing, light, sound, camera, manus writing, locations, managing, etc

We did tons of mistakes, but we learned how to best compensate them and correct them.

And a child was born…. And it was not Jesus. It was a short-movie of 17 minutes and 36 seconds.

A movie about girl-power. About men drinking beer and watching TV. About people cheating on the welfare system. About getting things right… and so on.

So again we went again recommendations and made a movie with not only one plot but a few underlying sub-pots.. huh huh huhh

And we are all quite happy about it. It was good fun, and a good school to go. Our actors did a magnificent job to portrait the role figures.

And so we finished it all in a almost legendary release party at Pernille's.

Now we are working on the Special Edition DVD with subtitles, better sound, better cut, the documentary and loads of other extras.

Definitely a movie you should see!

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