tirsdag, september 12, 2006

The Inside Man (Movie)

I don’t think I am alone when I say I have some kind of crush of the heist movies from the seventies. New heist movies like this one tries to catch some of the old and bring It on with high quality sound and picture and modern style filming. Often I find the result to be disappointing – but in fact:

The Inside man is quite enjoyable.

In fact one of the better ones I have watched in quite a while – despite it being a movie with almost no action at all – in fact the movie stands still almost all the time. All credits to the actors and the director for doing such! The shortcomings of this movie is of course that a few small things would in fact made this movie Top Noch – one to talk about – but it fails on these small parts.

What is very cozy though is that there is no losers in this movie – all the involved parts win in one way or another – just like in the best seventy heist movies…..

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