tirsdag, september 12, 2006

The Triangle (miniseries)

Long time ago there was a series on NRK that tried to solve the biggest mysteries in the world. Bermuda triangle was one of them. This series tries to take this mystery and milk it into 3 full time DVDs or as earlier, as miniseries on TV.

They have succeeded very well. In fact they manage to drive the show all the time – by expanding the influence of the Bermuda Triangle minute by minute so the watched is constantly in for a thrill and does not get time to think if what is presented is believable or not.

To keep someone thrilled for 4 and a half hour is indeed a masterpiece on its own. Even if the final solution might not be very realistic at all – and the story might indeed be thin as water – but you wont really notice until its all over – and you wont really care as well.

This is one to watch.

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