tirsdag, september 12, 2006

Miami Vice (2006) (movie)

Michael Mann is back and tries to give new life to Miami Vice. When I was a child my mother had this idea that Miami Vice was bad for me to watch so she didn’t let me. I have therefore taken the time to watch and analyze some of the old episodes – to she what it all was about.

I am in fact impressed with what I see. While the action and the effects might be old the style, the plots, the filming and the easy and light attitude makes this one of the best made series made. It is here you see that masters of the big screen in work.

I can not say but that my mother (as usual) made a totally wrong decision here – when I had to watch Derrick storming around in the german underworld instead. What kind of impression does that not leave on a childs mind? Ha ha ;)

So does the winning receipt still work? Is it in Michaels power to recreate Miami Vice anno 2006?

Of course. It is a great movie. It has great camerawork – nice locations – good action – and is indeed very true in story and plot to the original series. But something is missing……..

One – Teamplay – yes there is a few scenes where the partners actually talk together – but there is really no interaction, fun or feelings between them. This is unfortunate as this is one of the key elements in the original Miami Vice.

Two – Dark – This is a very dark movie. We are brought to many great locations but the movie does not make much use of them – probably to keep the movie dark. I prefer Miami Vice to be little lighter.

The best part of the movie is of course the ending shootout as well as one of the erotic scenes earlier on (male faking… ;) )

As this movie deserves a second chance. I will see it again soon to finalize my impressions, hopefully it will be the extended version – as I feel to much essentials has been cut. And so should you... but where is the DVD box with the original series – remestered and complete with all kind of special features!!!!???

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