onsdag, januar 02, 2008

Dum Dum Boys – Concert

This year something sad happened. Karlsen left DumDum Boys and this was after this year’s mini tour was announced. Earlier it was also rumours that they this mini-tour was done as a part as a promotion stunt for a new album.

As you all understand this did not happen and suddenly Dum Dum Boys instead lost one of their members. No more information has been released to the public so we can only guess why such things happens.

So how do the band sound now? I would have guessed more rocked up to compensate for the lack of keyboard/synth. But I was wrong in fact there is like something subtle is missing from the songs.

Still it rocks! And I enjoy the concert pretty much. The guys are getting pretty old but still manage to hit the beat like there is no tomorrow. What I did miss though was that they played to many songs from the last album and this mean they had to squeeze out some of the other classic. Thats just BAD... even though I understand why...

I hope to see them again in 2008


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