onsdag, januar 09, 2008

Neverwinter Nights 2 – Mask of the betrayer expansion pack

Neverwinter nights 2 is among my favorite games, although not as good as KOTOR and Planescape Torment it is delivering some serious bad ass RPG fun to us gamers. I had been waiting for the expansion pack for quite a while.

The expansion gives us several ours of fun play with high level characters. Unfortunately they have tried to give the game some more spice by adding a hunger for spirits – eat a lot and be evil – suppress it and be good. While the idea of spicing up gameplay seems to be a good one it is not. In an RPG like this one of the key elements is exploration which does not conform much together with a time pressure.

Other than that I am pleased to say that I am quite pleased with this package – even though the story is not as immerse as the original NWN2.

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