onsdag, januar 09, 2008

Ubuntu Feisty

Every now and then I decide to give Linux a serious try as a complete desktop OS. Every time Linux get better but still I am always left in a feeling that it just is not able to deliver what I need.

First of the history of free software is a long one. Popularity of free distributed programs got big at the time of C64 and just got even bigger as well as put in better systems in the days of the Amiga.

But Linux went a step further and Open Source project became popular as well.

And it is quite fantastic to see today that one can have a fully operating system OS as well as apps running on pure free and open software.

However I do not feel that any Linux distro has what it takes yet to become a complete desktop replacements.

For it there are just too many things that goes wrong, problems with video codec’s, library files that doesn’t match and so on.

Worst off was that my Linux distro had the tendency to crash every now and then by no evident reason at all. I checked around in the net and found out that this is a problem that people don’t have a real solution for.

So while I totally believe in Open Source software, I think there is just a little bit more time before Linux can replace your desktop.

If you ever knew AmigaOS it had something of the best ideas both from Apple as well as DOS and UNIX and together it became quite a powerful OS at the time. Mac OS X is somewhat similar that it combines Unix with the easy of Mac OS classic – and therefore becomes a much better choice for desktop OS than both Windows as well as Linux.

But it will be interesting to keep an eye on the further development of Linux.

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