torsdag, januar 19, 2006

The Constant Gardener (film)

It’s a trick. You think you are going to see a B-movie but instead you are served a quite well made and deep movie. The second trick is that in the beginning the movie tries to make you think it’s about something else – and then flashes up a quite deep and intriguing story – sidelining the medical industry with the weapon industry!

Unfortunately at this point most of the story is revealed (in big lines anyway) but the rest of the movie tries to keep unfolding the mystery like reading a Agate Christie book and knowing who the murder is – here the movie would have gained in having a harder thriller aspect.

The director and actor have done a marvelous job making all scenes as authentic to the reality as possible. Much more than one can usually see in a movie. In such a style it sometimes looks like it would be real footage. This enormous work to make scenes look natural has the odd side effect that it makes scenes with happenings that are not normal turn out rather silly – incredible to see this. This is added by progressive camera handling – with various results. While sound is also good – the musical effects can be rather shitty though.

One can see through the movie how they have really put an effort into showing a piece of Africa with great care. Even if the story is not true it pinpoints several important things, also through sub-plots.

For it small shortcomings this is a beautiful movie. One that’s worth to watch!

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