onsdag, januar 04, 2006


Jan and feb is the coldest months of the year- Its freezing here. Although not as much here in Oslo as some other places here it’s still freezing – even inside. Sleep underneath two blankets at night to feel warm and cozy.

Driving in the winter is of course loads of fun. The ESP is constantly trying to readjust the wheels – or you simply turn of ESP to have max effect of sliding almost into other cars. Being in the Netherlands for so long I am not used to the crappy road standard in Norway and there is some funny situations.

Also the The Netherlands has quite some fun. Specially roundabouts with traffic lights in them – what is that all about – and the roundabout in Eindhoven where the cars in the roundabout have to stop for all passing traffic. That’s just plain madness! In Belgium they have fun with driveoff’s from highways on the left as well as drive-in from both left and right at the same time. As well as some crazy intersections on highways.

I only drove in Naples once in 2001 when we went for a Saturday trip to Pompei. When we went back I had no idea how to get to our destination but I had Mike in front of me that had sort of an idea. We got the bonus round all across town. All the wrong lanes – all the illegal roads. It goes ultra fast to get the hang of the idea of always driving on red light as well as stop on green (to look if your brother might be coming on your right) – there simply is no choice. I would never have found the way without the help from Mike.

And then of course we have the US 4-way stop which I find hilarious – everybody has to wait for the others until one (or more) takes the initiative and drives first.

Being cold - I need to acquire something to get some more heat in here.

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