onsdag, januar 25, 2006

Life (and how to…)

In the new year we do of course expect more fun than usual and so one has to use the weekends the best it is to party! And have loads of fun. The weekend before it was to show old heights by emptying gin like water to drink this Town unsafe. Then last Friday driving up to Lillehammer – it was a drag because of all the snow that fell down and all the car accidents.

In Norway we don’t have speed limits – but the signs actually tell the only allowed speed. No matter if its day, night, rain, summer or icy – this is the speed we have to drive. Naturally the speed has to be adjusted for shitty weather so when we have good driving condition most people will drive too fast….

……if they can afford it. Our insanely high speeding fees is just one of the totally “fair” ways for our Government to tax the wealthiest citizens. This systems keeps justice on the road as long as you can pay – you can drive faster. Since speed limits are crazy – everybody wants to drive too fast.

If high prices was not enough: To destroy this fair system they (Government) has also introduced a point system – where after you get caught to many times for not keeping the right speed – you will loose your license. In turn this means people are forced to drive slower and get more and more stressed of boring driving and keep eyes up for speed cameras. And of course less tax paid.

The tax rate had to be kept up. To compensate for this the speeding fees has been increased by 26% and rising.

Sometimes one has to give respect to Germany and the fact that they still have no speed limits on parts of the Autobahn.

In turn this also turns into craziness when we have snow like last Friday. It is not only Government fault because people tend to “forget” how to drive carefully on bad conditions – in turn turning traffic into total chaos and many sad collisions appear.

In Lillehammer the hysterical people that is in charge of traffic security has introduced some rather dangerous solutions. Red light in the ground – looks like a UFO has landed in the light cross. (This might be awsome if your a 13 year old kid that reads to many 60ies science fiction books!) Small sharp dividers in the middle of the road – To let you destroy your car without hitting anybody else.(Again this is probably awsome if youre a 16 year old kid on a scooter)

Some other time I will post pictures of this hysterical “traffic security”

Not to mention that Lillehammer is the place where they have the “tests” of measuring average speed limits. Average Speed Limit cameras which have been found illegal has is being sneak/forced legalized by using the word “Test project” and of course it was (my) Lillehammer that hosts this gallant test project. For some reason I have a feeling that the Government tax income will not increase by these actions but in turn lead to new strange habits among drivers. (ex. Driving really fast in between cameras for just before next camera stopping completely up and having a snack break or other rather silly stuff)

To sum it up: I don’t urge people to drive like insane. Just that there must be a higher accept for driving after actual always changing road conditions – this will in make the driver a better driver.

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