torsdag, januar 19, 2006

Fable (PC and Xbox game)

There is no excuse

I have played it on both platforms as I just could wait (the long and winding Microsoft wait) for the PC version. This is certainly one of the best adventure games out there – that without trying reaches up to the beauty of the Zelda series – but only reaching.

Of course we could not expect anything else from Lionhead. And to be honest – this is a game everybody needs to play – whether you like adventure, RPG or just action. Even if is a game put in a fantasy scenario – the style of the game is very realistic to a normal world – and most of the quest resemble things you would actually meat in a normal world – in this world. Basically all magic and fantasy could easily be substituted into non magical items and the game would still stand on its own! This is not something one can say about a lot of games – but shows how robust and well done a game from Lionhead is!

There is a lot of smaller things to do – like the expressions one can do – or getting married or brag about your deeds. Even though these things are not really important things for the game play – they add up to give you the feeling of a free world that always has something more to offer.

The choose a path between good and evil is not something new – taken inspiration from such games as Black and White and KOTOR – it works pretty well but I do feel it can be taken even further. In fact most of the things in this game can be taken further – way further. Lets just hope (and pray?) that they will make a sequel! And what also would be cool is if they licensed this engine to others – I certainly can enjoy more games like this.

Another standard in RPG games is subgames – often with cards – Fable has plenty of sub games all well done, enjoyable and even surprising.

PC conversions often suffer from console interface but fable has in fact one of the best interfaces made ever. Never been so much fun to slash through hordes of evil beasts. The only bad thing is the equipment system that is straight XBOX all the way through.

There is no excuse for not playing this game…..

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