tirsdag, juni 27, 2006

Microsoft Office 2007 beta 2 (software)

Microsoft Office 2007 beta 2

While one can say most things about Microsoft products and solutions: There is no office beater in the horizon – only the next version from Microsoft. This time around Microsoft wants to re-invent the way you use office. A swift and dangerous move from Microsoft because for the first time since the office suite was created you might be lost when trying to do something? Or maybe you where lost many times already – and now you will have to learn it all over again?

Yes, but for the good. Now we all can take the office introduction courses all over again? Now your average office application will look at you – with strange eyes on Monday morning. Most of all its new and fresh and you might just be inspired to do something in office again. Be inspired to discover all those silly things that you thought where funny in beginning of office.

You have a fresh look. A fresh UI that tries to work for you. The way you like to work. And make every day easier for you. So you can spend more time on playing some silly game or maybe watch the Soccer World Cup.

Will it be worth another upgrade? Of course!

Will it change your productivity? Probably.

Will it be loaded with irritating bug and security holes? No reason to think otherwise.

(he he)

The best part about it is however that Microsoft lets us test Office 2007 beta 2 for free for a year – and to be honest – that is a great deal!

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