mandag, juni 26, 2006

VG Lista Top 20 Show (Concert)

This is of course all 14 year olds wet dream but does it has anything to offer for anyone else?

Yes. The list of band and artists that perform was quite strong and even if we had to listen to a bit of brainless teenager music – we also had some quite entertaining moments. The only drawback of course was really that it was only 1-2 songs per artist/band.

Highlights was of course Dum Dum Boys (they also played a full concert for Bellona’s 20 years celebration same night) and Seigmen!

The crazy Finnish guys from the European Song Contest: Lordi came as well. ”Hardrock Halleluja” something to think of to all the people that thought/thinks that Rock is the work of evil – mohahaha

Aylar was singing (playback or not – it doesn’t make much of a difference) Sabrina’s ”Boys” - the whole thing is more for the looks than the music.

All in all the show was well compiled and most of us enjoyed it a lot. At the end it had more than 100.000 viewers – and about 80% of them didn’t want to leave at the end of the show until they had heard just a few more songs.

All in all – This annual summer happening seems to get bigger every year. And is a good preparty to a hell of a night on the piss..

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