torsdag, juni 22, 2006

Psychonauts (game)

After numerous recommendations to this game – I finally decided to give it a try. Reason: Being stuck with rainy days on the south coast.

Ok first things first. This is not a new Grim Fandango – it can never be as Grim Fandango is a adventure game and Psychonauts is a platformer. While Grim Fandango is hilarious and will make you weep of laughter – Psychonauts will make you smile

Psychonauts is great game – and all of the crazy and humors elements are there. But there is just not the same room for laughter and gags in a platformer – even if they try.

It is a 3D platformer loaded with craziness and fun. Plenty of power-ups and humor. And all the things that make you go further and then some. So yes it is hilarious! It is great! One of the best platformers ever made – and that is a achievement to remember as there is some truly excellent platformers already made.

I am not gonna say to much about the world you are thrown into as its all a part of the fun to and joy of the game. Really. Its best to know as little as possible. Let the game surprise you.

I promise you : this is one to buy and you will never stop playing until its finished.

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