fredag, juni 09, 2006

The Norwegian Military Tattoo

Oh well, as many of my pervious colleagues as well as superiors can verify: I am not a parade kind of guy. But hey – I had heard nice things about Norwegian Military Tattoo for a long time (again we are talking about years) and so when Svein asked me to join I knew it was time.

The Norwegian Military Tattoo is a fresh (??) entertainment mix of parades, weapon drill, music and other (fitting) entertainment from all over the globe.
And yes. It works. It entertains us. Amazes us. And keeps us thrilled.

And in the end.. The HM the Kings Guards Band and Drill Team comes out and puts everything we’ve seen so far all to shame. And these soldiers are conscripts! That’s really amazing. And it makes us feel a bit proud of being Norwegians, and we can almost shed a tear of patriotism – almost.

(I would really hate to be that soldier that dropped that rifle)

All in all a great night and possible I will do it again. Depends on how keen I will be on parades (huh huh) for all of you that missed it – it is possible to get the DVD (extended version).

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