mandag, august 20, 2007

Drammen Elvefestival (music festival)

As if I just could not get enough music in my ear I just had to go and see this happening, mainly because of the main star of the evening: Joe Cocker. The evening started off with:

Bjørn Eidsvåg.
He is the preacher who became a musician instead. He is getting very old and that one can see, but he knows the secret to continuous success: A good backing band - in fact all musicians that evening knew that. In general his music is a bit too boring to be interesting for most of us. But unlike studio albums a little live show and some good musicians behind can do wonders. And when he does good we know it will be an awesome night.

Åge Aleksanderesen & Sambandet
Aleksanderens' is somewhat Norwegians version of Bruce Springsteen. In many ways this was a real highlight of the evening. He has a extended record of songs witch are loved and known by most of the Norwegian citizens which means that the audience will be totally thrilled form song 1. When the backing band is also allowed to play freely on all songs and put in fun, multiple guitar solos and sax solos wherever they feel for it you get some really good and traditional Rock'n'Roll. I definitely think that studio music producers have something to learn here!!!

Joe Cocker
Joe Cocker does not leave much to chance so there is little room for "playing" with the songs. There is the occasional sax solo but his sax player sucks and could easily have been changed with the one from Sambandet. Except for that his band plays his tunes in more than perfect ways. Joe himself sings out of his full lungs and I have no idea how he manages to keep it through. The things he does with his voice is amazing, pushing it far beyond the studio records and keeping it above excellent at all times. Respect. He also has a weird way to play air guitar, maybe I should challenge him for a gig one day.

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