fredag, august 17, 2007

A princess and her angels

There has been a lot of fuzz in the media after Princess Märtha stated that she could communicate with animals as well as she was involved with this schools that teaches people to get in touch with Angels.

One of my friends even got so frustrated about the guarantee that the school gave (it has been removed) that all students would manage to get in touch with angels.

I think this is all funny. While I am not going to take any side in the discussion I think it is funny because it makes such fuzz.

1. People gets pissed of because she states that she masters as well as can teach others in the art of communication with angles. This is funny because Norway has a government church that has angels all over the place. (Common to everybody that knows about Christianity). Some of the profiled members of the church has also been one of the hardest opponents to Märtha. That is understandable of course as The Church wants to have monopoly on the Angels. But for others, why do we so easily accept the Angels of the church and at the same time attack Märtha's Angels?

2. The Angel Guarantee which was argued to be a promise they couldn't keep (2 person sent formal complains to our consumer council. One of which is my friend) This is of course good enough, there is a law against advertising lies as well as a law against selling something phony. But then why is it that every place around has the "Best Hot Dog" or "The Best Kebab"?

3. There is a third thing as well that I found funny but I don’t remember it right now. But for sure Martha has been able to get a lot of attention to the school, to the royal family and to the problematic about New Age Waves.

Of course Märtha is still on my good-girl list so if she ever get tired of Ari she can count on me ;)

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