fredag, august 17, 2007

Øya Festivalen 2007 (music)

This year I gambled and bought festival tickets before the program was announced, this to be sure to get tickets. In a way this was a total bummer as there were no bands there that I would die to see. Yes there were some big bands and a share of good smaller bands, but none of them which I would die to see. We were up for four and a half day of festival and music! I can tell you that I was totally exhausted quite already on Friday and on Saturday I was about lost. I have a feeling that next time I will do less. But who knows by this time next year I might be all up for it again.

First off was Hellsongs on the club night. This Swedish band plays soft and intelligent covers of old Hard Rock Classics, a must for the ear and soul. I hope to see them again sometime.

The Captain & Me
While this band certainly had some problems getting fully synched (I think the members change quite a lot) they had a lot of fun on stage and some of the songs was really entertaining, but at other times everything just turned into rumble and porridge. A band to watch for the fun and the cheer of playing.

This young band was really funny to watch. I think they had too much time playing computer games because at times that was what it sounded like, a bad composed computer tune. Even if the songs where not the best, the beat and the fun made up for it so I quite enjoyed them.

This was once a promising band in the league of Run Dog Run, but whatever happened it lost that. The music is somewhat a tale back in time to what was going to be big once a time but never really got there.

Run Dog Run
Is like Astroburger just better. In a way I think this is the early beginning and the legacy to a few other Norwegian bands that have managed to take it further. I feel somewhat lucky to have seen them at least once.

Subway Safari
The last thing on the club night was this interesting big band. It was a good show and good music to dance to. Something I can recommend if you’d like a good night on the town.

Bare Egil Band
The main festival was started with "Ikke bare bare Egil band" and while I would have preferred to see "Hurra Torpedo" again, Egil shows us again that he is completely mad and gives us a blasting and funny concert.

I really enjoyed this band. What an interesting music genre: Gerillja Blues. It was also really good for dancing, so I danced. The band members were around the festivals afterwards and easy to spot because of the burkas.

Woven Hand
A good show. A lot better than I had expected it to be.

Bonde Do Role
Surprisingly fresh and impudent.

Nine Inch Nails
I do like Nine Inch Nails and the concert was quite good, problem is that it is like they play the same song again and again. There are just so many bands that have taken this song style further.

Gogol Bordell
This is quite a funny show and worth to see. It started off well and just got better.

Eagles of Death Metal
Surprisingly good again. Not only funny but catchy.

While I am not the biggest Tool fan, I acknowledge that the last Tool album was quite good and so was this concert.

Much better than I thought. The live performances beat the album versions big time.

Heroes and Zeroes
Good band. Just as expected.

Anja Garbarek
This was probably the biggest surprise for me. I knew that this woman made some crazy music, but this was all beyond my expectation. She played up there in the league of Björk. Really nice stuff!

... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Average good band.

The Jesus & Mary Chain
Just about what to expect from them.

Roky Erickson & The Explosives
While my brother loves this band and so does many others, in fact there were 3,5 extra number, its not really my style.

Timbuktu & Damn
Timbuktu had been DJing all night and obviously he must have been just as tired as I where. This affected the start a bit. But after some jumping around and screaming Swedish in our ears it all became a real enjoyable feat. "Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die"

Killing Butterflies
Interesting band, Deserves a look.

Bjørn Torske
This is somewhat a special feat seeing Torske running around on a stage instructing people to play one track loops. Exchanging synths and sequencers with real people, real instruments (to some extend). It sounds really well but the songs had no real build up, no kick off, to repetive. If Torske can iron out this it will be a killer.

Played better than in Barcelona and ATP (last year) but still, definitely just noise for me

Too pink for me.

The Besnard Lakes
There have been quite a few good bands coming from Canada. This one sounds promising on paper but the performance was a bit to washy for my taste.

This band surprised me again. A great rock band that sounds better than Ingenting did.

Pretty good!

Lady Sovereign
A lot of you like her. But not quite my taste.

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