mandag, august 20, 2007

Rush Hour 3 (movie)

The first movie in this series became an instant hit. The spectacular "fun" action of Jackie Chan combined with Chris Tuckers voice made a funny and catching buddy-movie. The second Rush Hours tried more or less to copy the first without too much luck. Typically for sequels it that they don't put enough in it but just copy what worked last.

Now for the third installment I just read some reviews that got bottom scores. Whatever that reviewer had for dinner that day I have no idea. Fact is: Rush Hour 3 is and action comedy and that’s what we get: Loads and loads of fun. It might not be brighter than a lot of sexual jokes, but it is done in a nice way and it gets us laughing all the time. In between and sometimes together with the gags we get some nice and spectacular action. While Jackie is quite old and can not show off like he used to, they more than make it up with the usual nice tricks here and there and a really awesome fighting scene in the end. While maybe the marital arts is not top notch, it completely breath takes you when combined with the scenery and sound-fx. Too bad it is not taken further.

Some action movies can really learn something here. Oh and the story? It sucks, but who cares?

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