torsdag, juli 12, 2007

Die Hard 4 (movie)

I was quite afraid that the special effects would have destroyed this movie. This fear was strengthened by the stories I have heard from other people that saw it.

But I had a pleasant surprise. While the forth Die Hard movie is about hacking and also features some special effects it is done with honor to the Die Hard concept, which was built up during the 3 previous movies. A skyscraper, a plane, New York and now hackers: one cop standing alone against some bad guys, becoming 2 (buddy movie) in the third installment and continuing to be a buddy movie this time around.

The concept of raw action, one liners, and fun to break down all the bad guys.

It is true that the main bad guys is not as bad as any Gruber's but then again his dominions are, and these are they guys John McClane fights most of the time - so its good. The main bad guy is however young and probably appealing to a younger audience.

You will get some awesome but a bit overrated action scenes at times, but its all done with such honor to the Die Hard concept that we will forgive it most of the time.

It brings back pieces from all three previous movies, at the same time it updates the series to a modern standard and introduces us to some breath taking action.

This is an excellent movie and one of the best from Bruce in a while.

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