onsdag, juli 25, 2007

Garden State (movie)

This is some kind of twist between a nerd movie and a romantic comedy? It is actually a quite popular genre among nerds (guess why: movies where nerdy people actually get to be with such nice people like Natalie Portman. You know, you can play computer games, eat chips and watch Star Trek and still have a chance... Ha ha. )

The main character has been on drug so long he can not feel much and although the movie he more or less has very little emotions and facial expressions. There is somewhat some progress in this during this told tale.

The main character is home for his mother’s funeral and at the same time he gets time to meet up with the ghost of his childhood. He digs into the past. Why doesn’t he talk much with his father and why he has been on drugs for so long? At the same time he falls in love with this girl, which are quite strange herself. (Natalie is not only pretty but an excellent actress)

This movie is quite cute and the story unfolded it interesting.

But please cut out the crap in the end of the movie. Its like "The Wedding Singer" without the bells and whistles. It’s so pathetic it almost destroys the whole experience.

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