torsdag, juli 12, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth (movie)

This is for sure no children movie, so then what is it? Is it a family movie? For older children maybe? I am not quite sure. While it does have an element of fairy tales and a small girl, the main elements of the story is a lot more brutal and has something to do with Franco's Spain.

This movie is one of those that has received excellent critics so I guess I should just go along. It is true that the movie is somewhat enjoyable, but when you take it apart it is hard for me to get what is the target audience for this movie. Is it trying to tell small kids about the cruelty of the grown-ups? Or is it trying to tell grown ups about the wonderful world of small children.

Truth is, the fairy tale elements are not really much, the labyrinth is overrated.

I think the movie is mainly about the innocence of youth, and about this child who is in the age where innocence and vivid imagination is about to break and she is about to enter the world of the grown ups. In the adult world there are cruel things going on, but also heroes fighting for the good. The little girl is put on several tests but chooses the good before falling into evil.

And I guess this is something that hits people really well and it is why the movie receives such excellent reviews.

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