torsdag, juli 12, 2007

Ocean 13 (movie)

This time they have not made the mistake of trying to make a sequel, but instead it is more like a stand alone 70's movie with the Ocean twist. This in turn leads to that the whole feel and play of the movie is kind of unique and reminds me in a good way about these classic heist movies. They have also not made the mistake to make time counts, and in the movie time does not work like in the real world, but we are talking about Ocean time - which fit anything that makes the movie cool and funny.

It is probably funnier this time around, not taking anything seriously and the few setbacks in the movie is just there for fun, to entangle the script more and get things the way the makers want it. Ocean 13 is like the bonus play where there seems to be no real challenge, just fun loving criminals.

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