onsdag, juli 25, 2007

Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist (music)

Some people will (again) argue that this is not the true Smashing Pumpkins, and they are right. For Smashing Pumpkins is the first 3 albums, plus the excellent "Pisces Iscariot" The rest turns out to get noisier and noisier turning into a mess that looses that really nice Smashing sound that I and several others have come to love.

With Swan, Billy Corgan sort of got a little back to music again, without actually totally succeeding. With Zeitgest it’s a bit the same. So fine is the line this time that when I hear each song I am not able to make up my mind whether what I hear is complete noise or if it is actually something like a good tune. This is frustrating because I want it to have the old Smashing sound, but it is not quite it.

Would it have been better with the original members? I am not sure. But I think Billy should put on Gish and Siamese Dream on repeat some 30 times or something next time - to go back in time - and make another timeless album.......

- p.o.

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