onsdag, september 19, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum (movie)

I am not too happy writing this as I know its…. Well for the first this movie got some excellent reviews and one review called it “the best action movie ever” for the second the masses also love the movies about Jason Bourne.

That’s why its so hard for me to say that its utterly crap. I don’t think the reviewer that praised this movie as “the best action movie ever” have seen a lot of action movies.

While I can go good for the first 2 movies in the series, (Even if I don’t put it on the top of the pops) the third one has nothing new to offer. The story is going further like, behind the story of “Who is Jason Bourne?” – we are finally getting to know. The problem is that the story has no strong points and progresses just like one washed madras.

The action itself is mediocre and reminds me of plenty B movies of Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris and the likes. The music is the same. The tempo reminds me a lot of HairSpray (!!) because it never really stops up to let the story progress. And this means we are fed with B movie action and nothing else for the whole duration of the movie – which just tires you out. Problem is that many of these old action movies that I refer is better than this. The Bourn Ultimatum has only 2-3 action clips that are truly unique and raises the awe sensor. The rest is crap.

Now there had been a lot of Bourne has better action than the rest, than James Bond and so on. I remember back in the days when Mission Impossible 1 came out, it was sort of the same. The truth is that good action movies has been redefined all the time, unfortunately good camerawork, or cutting the action like crazy can make things look good for a while, but when Jason Bourne fights like an old Chuck Norris – someone will notice? – or maybe not?

In a way it is sad to see that the Bourne trilogy ends up this way – a little like watching Matrix 2 and 3 and wanting them to be good, but seeing only crap.

My tip is, stay away from this movie, you don’t need to know the secret about Jason Bourne.

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