tirsdag, september 11, 2007

Jo Nesbø – Marekors (book)

For many years I have been hesitating to read Jo Nesbø, this is obviously because he is the brain behind the group “De Derre” and I had this kind of idea that he wouldn’t be much of a writer.

Of course I was wrong. Just like he is the mastermind behind songs like “90 meter bakken” he brings it even further in this book about the policeman Harry Hole.

I am hooked and can hardly put the book down. I am lost and the 400 pages are over in no time.

This is clearly a masterpiece. His writing reminds me mostly about John Le Carre, but where Carre sometimes become slow and boring Jo keeps up the paste with borrowed influence from other writers as well.

Even though the book sometimes has trivialities and the main villain even gets away, most people won’t even notice ;) That’s just how well he grips the reader.

As for some negative: The beginning of the book is really the best and Jo just can’t manage to keep it up for the whole book. I think he should have cut the book down with about 100 pages and it would have been perfect.

Still I am already on my second Harry Hole book.

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