torsdag, september 06, 2007

Nokia N95 – second thoughts

Earlier I gave some first impressions on this multi function phone device. This was in the days before iphone was reality. Its like ages ago. My first impression was really good, I had been waiting in for this device for a long time and I was a excited to have it in my hands.

The excitement ran out fast as an explosion.

And there I was stuck with an expensive cell phone that gave me almost nothing. What happened?

The S60 series 3 that this phone uses is slow, unresponsive. Pretty annoying.

The GPS didn’t work with Tom Tom. Equals useless

The Camera is darn slow. The camera is still quite good but it is annoying with the speed.

Low software compatibility. I can hardly find software that is compatible, except the mayor software. Equals pretty useless.

Mp3 player. Slow but useful? I don’t care for mp3 players on phones anyway.

Bugs. Plenty of bugs present that keeps irritating.

For the rest: The phone is basically just slow and unresponsive, this even with a good chip inside. I am sure there are faster 5MP cameras out there with an even slower chip. The fact that I can not get the software I want is annoying. Gaming is even worse. This phone has a 3D accelerator! And almost no games can use it. It will change when the N-gage platform is re-launched – but then this phone is already old.

I must say this phone sucks. And I still use the 6680 for GPS navigation as well as the OS is much faster and responsive.

Nokia, get a grip! Sort this phone out!

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