mandag, september 17, 2007

Jo Nesbø – Rødstrupe (book)

I couldn’t wait and had to read more about the alcoholic policeman Harry Hole. Again it is an extremely well done book. While it doesn’t have the same smashing intro as in “Marekors” but builds up better in several dimensions that gives us the feeling that everything is connected, yet we do not know what it is.

Its a intermix of happenings that are the big strength of this book. It is so much of it doesn’t really feel realistic, but at the same time we are not able to put the finger on what, and in the end things are put together in a kind of epic (!!) masterpiece and we don’t really have an idea that what is realistic or not.

It’s the kind of story that hits us and leaves us thinking, thinking about a lot of thinks. Jo Nesbø also shows excellent in dept knowledge about all kinds of (un)interesting things.

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