onsdag, september 12, 2007

Hairspary (movie)

Hmm. Good or bad first? Ok let’s take the bad. While the theme of the movie is serious enough: integration, the tension of the movie never rises above “there is bad things in the world but lets sing a song and everything is ok” level. When even Disney presents seriousness like in Bridge to Terabithia, then this is too weak.

The other weakness is that the movie has a little to less story break between the song numbers. And also it just can’t get enough of showing us John Travolta as the fat mom. Come on, it might be funny for a while but not forever. This leads us to being kind of overfed on dancing and music and we just don’t care for what happens anymore. Look at the classic Blues Brothers – one need a paste of music and story and fun that makes it all fit like a glove.

The good is that the music and dancing is well done (although not my taste) and will probably be a big hit to the smallest ones. But that’s all there is to it.

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