torsdag, april 17, 2008

Freeshine (concert)

I was so lucky to witness a special event with the upcoming Freeshine and the new music video “To Kill a Child”.

Fresshine plays really well, it is some kind of muddy rock that we just like and fall into straight away. One can feel inspiration from blues and jazz but without ever converting into these styles.

Problem is? Is saw them in the same place I saw kakka madafaka and the same problem with sound arised. This time I am even sure that the sound mix was done alright so the lousy sound is purely up to shit equipment and/or the bad sound qulaities of the hall. So bad in fact I had to leave the concert.

I Really hope to get the chance to see Freeshine again somewhere else soon. Also they have a new album out called “All blood is royal” which I am thinking about getting. So maybe you should as well?

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