torsdag, april 17, 2008

Sleuth (movie)

This movie surprised me hard. Even if it is obviously based on a play it is just so fresh and well made. Camera angels are constantly daring to express more. The actors Judge Law and Michael Caine are giving us the best of acting. The spoken lines are constantly fresh and intriguing. Yes this is a movie that shows us what moving media is all about!
So should I just tell you to go out and get it? Yes

But wait! Is it more? Yes, this movie is a remake of a 1972 movie starring (surprise) none other than Michael Caine however at that time he had the same role as Judge Law has now. My thoughts go back to the movie “Alfie” which also an Michael Caine original starring Judge Law in the remake. Unlike “Alfie”, “Slueth” I a refreshing movie that deserves a remake.

But there is also the problem all remakes faces – how and why to improve on a classic piece. Because the 1972 Sleuth is quite a magnificent piece of a movie. It builds up a little bit slower and the language is a bit softer. But it still has quite a challenging setup and the story goes deeper and includes more meat on the bone in the history telling us more about “why” things are like this. It is also hard to know that this one is based on a play. Its all based on games, games and games.

In the remake the surroundings has less soul and we are presented a high tech monster of a place, although smaller than the original. It has fast pace and an is putting us constantly on the edge – but then there is something odd. For some strange reason they have chosen not remake the third act into something completely different. While the original third act keeps building up where the previous left of the new third act leaves us with a strange taste in our mouth.

It is hard to understand why? Its like the third act stumbles tries to be something that it can not be, and the end is therefore a bit abrupt because we are simply not told why things go like this. But also it is hard to understand because the original third act is the best piece of “Sleuth” there is and makes a perfect ending.

I do love the fast pace and everything else so no matter what – it is two classic movies for you to see straight away.

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