torsdag, april 03, 2008

Vanity Point (movie)

I don’t think people can fully understand the difficulties with creating a concept movie. Concept movies are usually challenges in ways of expression with moving media.

Because of the hard and dedicated works that usually are put in, it will often succeed. While creative directors might solve the challenge in a special fashion way, Hollywood productions tend to use fast paced action as the solvent.

To understand what I am talking about I can mention a movie like ”Phone Boot”.

Problem is while the movie successfully proves the concept it will never ever be able to rise up to be a great movie. I think this is part because of the action solvent but also because a concept story never (or hardly never) work well enough.

Vanity Points starts off as something like a concept movie, nothing really new but we are presented into the story from several angels. Several people. For every story told we are unfolding a little bit more of the mystery.

But not only that… perspective is slightly changed during the stories and In an odd way I think they think (sic?) that the audience are stupider than they really are.

After the introduction the story continues without the odd story telling angle and in more traditional ways.

The worst part however is the ending. Pure luck of circumstances solves the crime. Come one, you can do better than that…

The acting are mostly B – rated but such could have been forgiven easily if the concept worked. But as you might understand this movie is just half a concept movie and then half an action movie.

Failing somehow to keep up the promise its starts off with.

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