torsdag, april 03, 2008

Garmin Nüvi 360 (hardware)

I’ve had the pleasure (not really) to play around with the Garmin Nüvi 360 for a while so that I could make up my mind if I wanted to buy something like this.

Previously to this I had been used to TomTom Version 5. While I think TomTom 5 gives me all the options I need, I do see reasons to progress further.

Garmin was a really unpleasant experience. Yes I know a lot of people that prefer Garmin before TomTom – and I honestly do not understand why?

Of course it has something to do with what you are used to.. For example I think its perfectly ok to use three hours extra to get home because it constantly keeps guiding you in the wrong direction?

The fact that I get confused by the interface and keep having problems getting things done can have something to do with being unused with the unit.

I like the possibility of having Bluetooth connected to my cell phone but the sound quality is no good so it can only be used as an emergency solution.

After using it for a while I have gotten kind of used to it (as we always does) and I am kind of friendlier to it. It does have some nice touches and it gets whatever it is not able to done.

My problem is in the end that what I want is TomTom 920T and it is a bit expensive… so if I can not get that then should I go for something less than the best…?? Ahhh don’t think so….

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