torsdag, april 17, 2008

The Mist (movie)

From the moment this movie starts we know we are in for a treat. It just starts of in an unusual and creepy building matter. This keeps going until the first time we actually see the enemy.

The first sight of what hides in The Mist is somewhat a let down because it gives us visual with the threat. If you have seen Signs you know what I mean. It is a lot more terrifying with an unknown enemy than one that has been identified, and the Mist is a real good way to hide the enemy.

There is also another oddity: The camera is somewhat following “The Dogma” lo-end cam and this is really a brilliant move but is somewhat ridiculous when you add nicely computer animated enemies.

For the story to unfold it is necessary to reveal the identity of our fear.

Building up fear with a viewer can be a real hard task and while (as I said before) the movie does this pretty good at times there are also fallout periods. Marcia Gay Hardens role as Mrs. Carmody is rather irritating and while I understand what they try to say – I think it is kind of storytelling like Evil Dead (while this is funny it also gives the movie a special character) – and I think maybe the mix gives the movie some kind of identity problem.

The end is excellent! It reminds me a bit of the beginning of the movie Azumi. Some people might not like it but I find the impact so hard that the message of what they are trying to say will reach out there.

In other words: This movie is no “The Shining” but it has elements at times that glimpses up there. Defiantly worth watching.

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