mandag, september 08, 2008

Batman - The Dark Knight (movie)

I have been Batman and cartoon fan since I was a kid. In the older days it is not so much of course but still I have a strong feeling about it. When the first Batman movie came out it was to great disappointment to me. Later now, it is obvious that it is not such a bad movie. Jack Nicholson does an almost perfect job at the Joker, problem is rest of the movie stinks of second and third rate acting. The other problem is that The Joker is Batmans nemesis and they can only exist with each other, and therefore The Joker cannot be killed.

Unless on the big picture, right? Kill your arch nemesis and what do you got left? Not much, still a few of the later Batman movies are pretty good, specially the one with Tommy Lee Jones ;)
In TDK, which is the second movie in a new series, Batman is harder, more realistic but not really darker than Tim Burtons interpretation. And the good news The Joker is back and he is not killed in the end as the makers has understood that you can not kill him – unfortunately and to the sadness of many the actor died in real life instead.

I have a trouble to understand why (as I have been ranting about earlier) movies like Bourne Ultimatum and also this one get dice 6 – the third installation of Bourne I found really boring, but this against many others so I think I must be a bit strange there.

This movie however is not a 6er either. Yes The Joker is pretty good but not far as good as Jack Nicholson, there might be a little more vitality and confusion about this new Joker and I like it, but some of the point is missing. The real craziness, the smilex and the laughter. It is almost all there, just a little to much toned down and that makes the Joker too much like a twisted human and not a super hero.

Batman is doing a good job as well, but overall the movie is missing some of the drive and I think also feeling needed. Its like they try to put too much into the movie. There is also a Pearl Harbor twist as well as many other twists and I am sure this is why it gets dice 6. But you ask me I think also Pearl Harbor did it too far and it just becomes boring.

There are parts of this movie that are excellent and even in a period in the middle end I am almost falling over its excellence, but it doesn’t last. It just does not add up.

So Ill say it this way: A good movie and if I was forced to dice it; it would get a strong 4.

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