mandag, september 08, 2008

Drammen Elvefestival (festival)

Dum Dum Boys
Deliveres the hard stuff as usual. An exploding concert that delivers what we want. Backdraw is that they play way to much of the new stuff. Do they not realize that many of the fans it there just to listen to the waste ocean of old classics? A bit egoistic to play half the time new songs when there is a limited time Festival gig I think.
The good thing is that they are playing really well nowadays and that soon there will be a new album release! Be prepared!

Lene Marlin
Lene Marlin is what often referred to as a one hit wonder. She did her amazing hit that also went outside Norway and yet today she still surfs her fame on this. No matter what one thinks she is an ok artist so watching her is not a waste of time but a ok warming up.

Knutsen og Ludvigsen
Last time I saw them I had such a funny time and you can find my thoughts about it if earlier in my blog. This time however we can obviously see that they have been playing together again for a while which means that they have found some of that old magic back. While previously when I saw them they were like to separate entities that shared one fame and didn’t quite know how to take it. (Much like seeing Dinusaur JR on stage nowadays). This time they have put the fun back into business and the stage show is full of jokes and we can see that they enjoy them self even more than we do.
They start of slow and before long everybody is hooked. Totally even without being fans. This is what we call: magic – enthralling! 10 points to Knutsen and Ludvigsen

Young Neils
Having had the pleasure to see Neil Young himself earlier this year it is good to add on with a Young Neils concert as this is the next best thing. The gig time is just way to short to play all these magnificent songs and one has to add up with a little Cortez the Killer back home! It´s all great fun and great pleasures for body and ear.

I was really impressed. They played awesome and delivered probably the best show of the whole festival. Of course I enjoyed other bands more, but this my friend is a performance you just don’t want to miss, even if you do not like the band too much. They give it all and rock up all the songs to feel really live.

Even though Madcon has some awesome songs that are sailing far beyond the borders of Norway, even though the scene show they deliver is one where they give everything, even though, they kind of disappoint me. Why? Because they lack the routine and perfectionism needed to support a live show with the sound and professionalism needed to get me hooked. Never the less this is something they will get if they manage to stick together.
So we will see in the future.

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