mandag, september 08, 2008

Battlestar Galactica (reimaged) – Season 1 – 3 (TV series)

I did not have a lot of expectation to this series as I thought it would be some kind of second-rate experience. I was so wrong. This series is just so well made. It starts with the great way they have assembled the intro and you know instantly that you are up for a treat.

BG does it all right. It plays along in a Sci-Fi environment where the very human race is at risk attacked by the very Cyclones that humans created. The Cyclones has evolved and looks just like humans down to the cell level.

But it does not stop there is a sexual overtunes in the series and our favorite promiscuous doctor gets more women than any and even the Cyclones women. And the Cyclone models even fall in love with him, even when he screws around with other women.

There are space fights, internal fights, love, hate, and all the other things. It is hard to exactly pin down what makes this series great. But it is, the cutting, the suspense, the acting and so on. It is just one of the best SCI-FIs out there. You will need to watch it.

After watching these episodes I just keep missing more of them, season 4 here I come.

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